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Who Are You?
Who Are You is a very thought-provoking question. It is a question you need to ask, because Who You Are is NOT a decision you made! 

It is a consequence of the "inner you" trying to Protect you. It is a consequence of what you have been taught by Life (Parents, Family, Friends... People).

This activity "Who Are You" helps you discover what you already know AND what you have yet to discover. 
It is a task of Self Discovery! For this activity you will describe yourself in ONE WORD or a very Short Phrase for several areas.
This is an abbreviated activity from the Mirror Motivations Kit.

Directions: Use one EMOTIONAL word or very short-phrase to respond to each question. Try to respond with a word that reflects how you FEEL most of the time - lately.

Who Are You - Physically? ____________________________
Who Are You - Career? ____________________________
Who Are You - Mentally? ____________________________
Who Are You - Financially? ____________________________

You will use these results within the next units, so keep them handy. Also, think about your answers.

This is a task of self-discovery. This means, you must think deeper - beyond the word and really begin exploring the emotion and the reasons why you selected that word from all others in your vocabulary. Note: This self-discovery component is beyond this activity and is covered in the Educate Your Dreams - Dream Journey Guide.
Now that you have answered one or more of the (Who Are You - ******?) questions. 
Lets explore your answers.

For each response: 
1. Think about WHY you selected the word. 
2. How does this word help you avoid pain and make you feel Safe or Protected?

See - Your response is tied to how you feel about yourself. If the response is more positive
it is probably easy to see how it makes you feel Safe or Protected. However, if the response is
more negative you have to ask Why.

For example, Say your response to Who are you Mentally? Is Depressed. It is hard to see how
Depression makes you feel Safe or Protected. 

So, ask yourself why are you Depressed.
A response could be because I have not accomplished what I want out of life.
Another response could be because Everything seems to always go wrong with me.

Next, ask why have you not accomplished what you want or why does everything always go wrong.

As you continue to explore your answer - asking why - you will get to the answer: Because I am afraid to Fail or I am afraid of Success or I do not know what to do.

The "Fear" is making you feel Safe or Protected, but it is also causing you to feel Depressed. 

If you do not "Get It." Stop and Take Some time (a few hours, overnight, couple days) to think through the Word and the Why behind it. 

The answer will come. 

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